Pet boarding for the Ravenna, Ferrara and Forlì areas

Are you going on holiday and want to make sure that your pet is in safe hands?

The San Marco Pet Boarding Facility is the perfect solution. We provide a loving and caring pet boarding service for short and long term stays in the Ravenna, Ferrara and Forlì area: dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and rodents: a home away from home.

Our pet boarding facilities are strategically located for clients from the Ravenna, Ferrara and Forli areas and are equipped with air-conditioned and heated pens as well as extensive exercise areas where pets can run freely.

During their stay with us, your pet will be fed only the finest products and if specified, in accordance with specific nutritional and dietary requirements.

Hospitalisation for pets requiring treatment

The San Marco pet boarding facility contains a special hospitalisation wing for all animals requiring medical treatment: from pre-op day-hospital to long term treatments and even long term geriatric hospitalisation, your pet will receive the best 24 hour care.

We also provide a convenient home pick-up and drop-off service available in the Ravenna, Ferrara and Forlì areas.

Pet Birthing Centre

Our complete range of veterinary services includes birthing assistance at our fully equipped birthing centre, where your pets can give birth in a welcoming and reserved atmosphere, constantly monitored by our vets.

This is the perfect solution for pet owners who feel daunted by the responsibility of managing such a delicate and important event and who wish to provide the best care for their pets and new borns after their birth.


  • Day hospital for surgical procedures
  • Hospitalisation for long-term treatment
  • Hospitalisation for birthing
  • Boarding during holidays for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and rodents
  • 24 hour boarding stays
  • Geriatric long term hospitalisation
  • CCTV monitored and heated pens
  • Extensive outdoor exercise areas
  • On-leash walks
  • Home pick-up and drop -off service